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Using your keyfob and the Access system

Court Access

You can only access a previously-booked court – if the courtside screen says “Court Available” that means the court is unbooked and you cannot access it. But you could book it there and then on a smartphone if you wanted to (assuming you knew your username and password), whereupon you would be able to access it for the remainder of the session.

It follows that, in normal circumstances, you cannot access your court early, but must wait for the court time to come round, when you will then be able to use your fob to gain entry.

When you apply your fob, hold it on the button till the screen registers your input. It will initially identify “Player 1 £28”, and you should hear a faint click as the gates release. The software will then register any further fobs that are applied for that session, and at the end of the period it will divide up the court cost according to the number of fobs applied and make the appropriate debits to people’s account balances. Monies are not actually deducted from your credit accounts until the court period has ended, in case a late arrival alters the apportionments.

Court Exit

Once the gates are opened for a session, they will stay released for the whole hour and a half. If you leave early just pull them to the closed position – the magnets will engage at the end of the session. If you leave at (or after) the end of the session you should again just pull the doors to – this time the magnets will engage quickly (though not necessarily instantly, so don’t worry – the doors will be OK if you just leave them in the closed position).


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