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Using the Bookings Page features

Logging in

Press the LOGIN button and log in using your Username and, when logging in for the first time, the generic password “password”. You will be asked to change this to a password of your own choosing, which you should use for all future logins.

Club Account

Put some funds in your playing account by pressing the Credit my CLUB ACCOUNT button and selecting an amount from the dropdown menu – you can pay by credit or debit card or from an existing PayPal account. You will need at least £28 in your account to book or access a court.

Court Bookings

You can book a court by pressing the Padel1 button. Select a week, select a court, and simply click on it to book it. This court is now reserved for you, and will show in red on the bookings timetable – other people’s bookings will show in green.

My Bookings

This tab shows you all your future bookings. Use the appropriate button here if you need to cancel a booking.

My Membership Details

Press this button to see your contact details (email and phone), which you can change as necessary. You can also change your password here.

This tab is also where you can see the audit trail for the past three months that leads to your current credit balance. If you need to see further back please contact David.

Membership List

On this tab you can see contact details (email and phone) for other members, grouped alphabetically by surname, and also see what future bookings they have made.


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Registered Office: Williams & Co., 8-10 South Street, Epsom, Surrey KT18 7PF