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Club Rules and Conditions

Booking money deposits are held on account on behalf of the padel member. Anybody wishing to cancel their padel membership may do so in writing or by email to David Garrett. They will then be entitled to a refund of any unused portion of their booking deposits, but not to any refund of the unused portion of their current annual Padel Club subscription.

Court bookings can be made up to 4 weeks in advance. Initially we will permit any number of advance courts to be booked, but we may introduce a maximum number if circumstances dictate.

Four padel rackets are always available in the courtside box. These are free for you to use, but please do make sure to replace them afterwards. Please do NOT continue to ask for them at reception, as the system has been changed.

Bookings can be cancelled via the My Bookings button. There is now no financial penalty for cancelling, as we trust members not to abuse the system. If your plans change and you know you are not going to use the court then please respect the other members and cancel the booking at the earliest possible opportunity.

If you have started your game and the weather changes and precludes any further play, your fee will be refunded in full – just contact David. We do NOT expect you to be playing in a downpour or on a slippery court, for example – this is very much a “friends of the family” club, and we will always take you at your word.

Similarly, if there are anomalies in the charging (usually because one player has either forgotten their keyfob or run out of credit), so that for example the screen shows 3 at £9.33 instead of 4 at £7, just contact David after the game. It is very easy to adjust the charges in the back office.

Courts are bookable for an hour and a half. You will soon realise that, if nobody has booked the following court, there is no actual reason for you to terminate at the exact end of the session – you are not going to get locked in if you haven’t left! So please feel free to finish your set if there is nobody waiting – there will be no charge, and we trust you not to abuse the system.( But if you know you’re likely to be playing for longer, please book two courts!) When you vacate the court, please make sure that you close the doors.

In the early months of the club we are not going to charge a guest fee (we may well do so in the future). So if you bring a guest to make up the numbers there will be no additional charge, and you can divide up the cost of the court appropriately as you wish. Remember YOU will be responsible for their physical suitability to play (see next paragraph). It follows that you must be present as their host – it is totally forbidden to allow anybody else to book in your name or to use your key fob, on pain of exclusion from the club.

Please remember the paragraph you signed on your application form – it is up to YOU to know whether you are fit for the exertion you are about to make, and it is up to YOU to check that the court surface is playable. If you have any doubts – don’t play. And if you have brought a guest, you are responsible for their safety as well as your own in these respects.

We are all here courtesy of BSW, who have kindly allowed us to build our court in their grounds. So please ensure that you (and your guests, if any) behave appropriately at all times, whether on court, in the grounds and car park, or in the club itself.

BSW are not involved in the running of the court, and you should not approach them in the first instance with any problems. If the court door is jammed, or if your key fob doesn’t work, or if you’ve slam-dunked a ball out of court and someone’s dog has run off with it, - ring David or Debbie. Put our numbers in your mobiles!

Please dress appropriately at all times, with proper tennis shoes and sportswear. The game has an informal image in Spain, with T-shirts and baseball caps much in evidence – this is fine, but we do not expect jeans and flipflops.



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