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Membership of the Weybridge Padel Club costs just 60 a year, and court fees are 28 for an hour and a half (7 per person). Membership gives you access to the online booking system plus a unique key fob that gives you access to the padel court itself. Having made your booking, you can use the court at the appointed time – the control box at the door to the court will recognise your booking via your key fob, debit your account with the appropriate court fee, and open the door for you. See the tab “Bookings and Play” for full details. If you don’t have a padel bat, there is always one available to borrow.

If you are already a member of BSW, membership of the Padel Club will cost you just £40 a year and court fees will be £24 for an hour and a half (£6 per person).

To become a member, please follow these steps:

Bring up an on-screen application form as appropriate (BSW member or non-BSW member)


Complete the form, print it if you want a copy, and then hit Send. This will send your electronic form direct to Weybridge Padel Club. (You are totally secure – your credit card details, which are not entered at this stage, will only be submitted later through PayPal).

You will then receive by email, via PayPal, an invoice for the annual membership fee, which you can settle very simply by credit or debit card (or via your PayPal account). If you would rather pay by direct bank transfer (or send a cheque via snail mail) please contact David Garrett for instructions.

Once you settle the invoice you will be a member - your key fob will follow in the post along with your online access codes.

Welcome to the world of padel - see the Bookings and Play button  to make your first booking.



  Weybridge Padel and Weybridge Padel Club are trading names of Weybridge Padel Ltd, company number 9589961.
Registered Office: Williams & Co., 8-10 South Street, Epsom, Surrey KT18 7PF